STEM Camp Activities

Adventure with us deeper into science, technology, and engineering! Campers will be provided the opportunity to challenge themselves intellectually, physically, and socially at High Trek Adventures.

2022 Summer Adventure Camps will integrate a variety of STEM activities in with the camp curriculum to provide unique camp experiences every week and learning to accompany fitness and adventure.

Physics, motion, gravity, aerodynamics, rockets, orienteering, knots, structures, pulleys & simple machines, ropes, problem solving, and design challenges.

STEM Activities Include

Mass vs. Density - We will use different objects to explore density and mass by testing drop speed, buoyancy and hardness.
Action vs. reaction - We will use games like bocce ball and pool to explore what the difference between action and reaction.
Egg drop - Create a house or cage for your egg to sit in...then throw your egg off the first floor of the ropes course, then the second and third - How well did you make your house? Did your egg survive?
2 liter rocket - Who doesn’t like a little duct tape? Well we are going to use that amazing stuff to help us create a 2 liter rocket and blast that into the air - Who has the best design? Whose holds up the best?
Gravity - We will use different activities to explore what gravity does for us - How do we measure it? How does it affect water, what does it take to break free from gravities grasp?
Force - What is force and how is it measured? What does Force do?
Aerodynamics - What is aerodynamics and how can we use this concept while making our rocket?
Knot skills - Learn the skill of knot tying and how and where they should be used.
Pulleys/levers/Fulcrums - Using these pieces of equipment we will explore how to lift heavy objects and/or throw an object using a catapult.

Game Design - We will use the engineering design cycle to develop new laser tag mission types and campers will test and revise their designs. Develop new player types, weapon types, and mission objectives to fine tune the experience.

Circuits and Basic Electronic Components - Campers will explore the inner workings of our laser taggers and understand the basics of how circuits and electronic components work together.

Ropes Course

Expand your knowledge of pulleys and levers while you explore our 3 story ropes course and soar through the air on our zip-lines.

Laser Tag

Campers will be required to use team work, strategy, and a bit of physical effort in order become a top gun on our battle field.

Mini Golf

Explore the use of geometry while trying to be the best at 18 holes of mini golf.