Outdoor Adventure Camps for Ages 7+ 

An outdoor Fall adventure to remember!
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About High Trek Day Camps

High Trek Camps are an exciting and adventurous way to enrich your child’s outdoor experiences. While at our camps, your camper will have fun qualified counselors who will help your campers participate in traditional games like kickball, soccer, badminton and some non-traditional games like archery, fencing, and snookball, to name a few.

All Campers will have opportunities to explore our site by, climbing on our three-story Ropes Course, flying through the air on one of our zip lines, playing mini golf, and playing laser tag. Our trained staff will encourage your child to work with other campers, form relationships, solve problems, challenge themselves, and experience the frustration of failure and the thrill of success. 

STEM camps, expect your camper to work through the scientific method with topics like: gravity, aerodynamics, pulleys & levers, orienteering, programming, engineering, game design, and others. 

Our Laser Tag Camp will focus on programming logic, game design, product development methodology, electronics, and other related technologies. At High Trek we believe all campers will learn life skills through team work, collaboration, tactics, and strategy.

Sports & Adventure Camps will focus on sports, relays, and team activities. Aside from our premier venue activities, kids will also enjoy other sports like soccer, archery, track and field and fencing. 

Age Requirement Summary by Camp
STEM Camps ages 9-13 
Sports & Adventure Camps ages 7-13 
Adventure Play Camp 10+
Teen Adventures 13+

COVID Related Camp Information

Updated June 24th, 2020: Camp Policies Regarding Face Coverings
Since the introduction of the new statewide mandate requiring face coverings, we have receiving many questions about how this impacts our camps. Official State Rules The mandate does not require us to make any changes to our current methods we are operating camps. We request that you do pack a mask for your child for when they come to camp. While your child is in camp activities with their cohort away from the public they will not be required to wear a face covering. However, there are a few times or situations when we are preparing to enter the ropes course or may come closer to the public and at these times we will ask the children to wear a face covering. Once the kids are in the course they are able to remove their face coverings because they are able to maintain social distances within the ropes course. Please review the High Trek COVID Operation Plan for further information.

May 15th, 2020:
Our Camps are operated in Snohomish County which is currently in Phase 2.  Our camps are 100% outdoors and we have taken extra precautions and modified our programs to minimize the risks to our campers. Including but not limited to the following:

CDC’s Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps
Lowest Risk: Small groups of campers stay together all day, each day. Outdoor activities are prioritized. All campers are from the local geographic area (e.g., city, town, county, community).

Children are placed in Small Groups and Keeping Them Together (Cohorting). Keeping campers together in small groups with dedicated staff and making sure they remain with the same group throughout the day, every day.

Ropes Course

Expand your knowledge of pulleys and levers while you explore our 3 story ropes course and soar through the air on our zip-lines.

Laser Tag

Campers will be required to use team work, strategy, and a bit of physical effort in order become a top gun on our battle field.

Mini Golf

Explore the use of geometry while trying to be the best at 18 holes of mini golf.

Camp Options

High Trek Axe is located at High Trek Adventures Ropes Course and Ziplines

Our venue also offers a 1-acre Tactical Laser Tag Field, 18-Hole Mini-Golf Course, 50' tall High Ropes Obstacle course with 3 ziplines and 4 Axe Throwing Lanes.