All you need to know about High Trek Camps

Camp Frequently Asked Questions

What are the allowed ages for campers?

Below are the age requirements by camp:
STEM Camps ages 9-13
Sports & Adventure Camps ages 7-13
Adventure Play Camp ages 10-17.

Who will my child be grouped with?

Our goal is to form cohorts of similar ages, where possible. This is not guaranteed as it depends largely on who signs up for that time. One way to add balance is to invite your child's friends to join the same time slot. If you need help booking, feel free to call.

I won't be able to pick up my child till later. Are there any extended childcare options?

Yes, we have an extended childcare option available for purchase. These are usually offered and presented after you select your camp date and hit add to cart.

Do you have teen camps?

Yes, we recommend the afternoon camp for teens which are available on Thursdays and Fridays. These camps are only supervision and no programing. This is a time where kids can have fun while accessing all the adventure activities.